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Salade de Thon Frais 23

Fresh seared tuna, poached egg, black olives, tomatoes, haricots verts, red onions, potatoes, lemon olive oil dressing

Salade de Bouchere 18

Grilled sliced steak, mixed greens, haricots verts, tomatoes, grilled onions, Roquefort cheese, fine herb vinaigrette

Salade de Canard 18

Warm duck leg confit, mixed greens, cherries, bleu cheese, pears, sherry balsamic dressing

Frisée aux Lardons* 13

Traditional poached egg and bacon salad

Salade Cassis 13

Our house salad combines fresh ingredients and traditional French dressing

Salade Cesar 12

Traditional Caesar salad

Steak Frites Bearnaise* 24

A fan favorite

Saumon Rôti 22

Grilled to perfection

Ravioli du Jour 21

Made every day

Tagliatelle d’Ete 23

Fresh summer pasta

Crêpe au Poulet 15

Chicken and spinach crepe

Crêpe aux Crevette 17

Shrimp and asparagus crepe

Omelette Traditionelle 14

Ham and cheese omelet

Omelette Champignons 16

Mushroom and goat cheese omelet

Poulet Paillard 21

Perfectly composed and flavorful grilled chicken

Saumon Asiatique 13
Assiette de Fromage 18
Pizette a l’Hiver 12
Petite Hamburger 13
Soupe de Poulet 9
Thon Tartare 15

Tuna tartare with a Japanese fusion

Steak Tartare 13

The traditional French favorite served with exceptional flavor

Confit de Canard 15

Duck confit tacos are a great fusion dish that blends classic and traditional

Calamars Piquants 13
Escargots Persilée 12

Baked snails in garlic and herb butter topped with toasted croutons

Tarte a l’Oignon 13

Caramelized onions baked in a pastry shell topped with warm goat cheese

Soupe a l’Oignon 11

The best French onion soup on Long Island

Sandwich d’Homard 29

Traditional lobster club

Hamburger Maison 16

Served with pommes frites

Sandwich de Poulet 16

Served with pommes frites

Sandwich Bouchere 18

Served with pommes frites

Sandwich de Thon ‘BLT’ 22

served with pommes frites

Croque Madame 14

Gruyere cheese & ham sandwich, fried egg, toasted brioche

Moules Chorizo 22

Prince Edward Island mussels

Moules Belgian 22

Prince Edward Island mussels

Moules Anise 22

Prince Edward Island mussels

Moules Provençale 22

Prince Edward Island mussels

Moules Marinieres 22

Prince Edward Island mussels in a traditional white wine sauce